Denville NJ Centennial Parade 2013

The Denville, NJ Centennial Parade was held on June 9, 2013, beginning at 2:00 pm, from Downtown Denville to Gardner Field. The weather was just about perfect.

My son marched in the parade, and I had a two-part day planned for photography and videography.…

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A Photographer’s View of the iPhone 5S Camera

The new iPhone 5S was just announced this week. And being the iPhone is “the most popular camera in…

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Photo Sizes for Printing, Posting, and Viewing

Don’t randomly crop and print your photos! Do it purposefully using thoughtful photo size…

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Done with Dinner

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Basic 3 Point Lighting

Amazon Kindle Nice Still Image

New Apple Wireless Keyboard Connected

The new Apple Wireless Keyboard is connected to my iPod Touch via Bluetooth.

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